From Far and Near: Native and Not-So-Native Plants for the Pacific NW Gardener

Wednesday August 23

6:30 PM  –  8:30 PM


We are living and gardening within a matrix of native plant communities. Many of us have one or several of our iconic Northwest conifers in our gardens. As urban and suburban growth in our area seems to escalate yearly, the call to the gardener to retain and employ native plants seems to be stronger than ever. But what are native plants and where do they belong in the man-made environment? In this class, Daniel Mount will explore these questions and others, which will educate gardeners on the benefits and pitfalls of using native plants. He will approach this as a lover of the incredibly diverse flora growing in the Pacific Northwest, and also as a professional garden designer. You will learn which plants perform best in which locations, how to plant and care for natives, and how to balance the desire for a garden that supports native plant communities, as well as a desire for a beautiful garden that meets the myriad needs of the modern gardener. Membership status will be verified upon registration.